Kratom Growing Methods

There are many online stores that sell the final products of the Kratom leaves but you cannot find out the original one. So it is best to grow your own Kratom plant, as it will turn out healthy. It is 100% guaranteed that your plant will turn out pure and fresh if you are growing and using the plant. Please click for source with the help of

Kratom grows basically in tropical environmental conditions and hence it requires direct sunlight, good fertilized soil, good drainage system and nice weather conditions. So you need to keep all these in your mind while growing the plants. It is recommended to grow with root cutting instead of seed type growing.

Please note down the following points in mind for better success rate of growing Kratom plants.
1. Soil is one of the main factors for successful growth of Kratom plants. The soil should be well fertilized and moist in nature. If you have good experience in growing you can create your own soil mixture as per the requirements because commercial soils are not good for plants.

2. Kratom plants need more lighting. It is recommended to use fluorescents lights for best results. Lighting has to be place 1 to 3 feet above from Kratom plants so that they will get enough light power. You can even keep some light by the side of the plant in case the upper level bulbs are not enough.

3. Kratom plants need a good temperature as they are tropical plants in nature. You have to watch the weather conditions regularly. The ideal temperature is between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. So anything beyond this limit will affect the growth of the plant. Also the humidity level should be in between 60 to 70%. So please ensure to keep the same humidity level for better results.

4. It is best to harvest the Kratom plant after one year for best results.